I will not beg

I will not beg for your attention,
I will not beg you for your time.
I will not twist and contort my spirit,
Just to give you piece of mind.

You need to take me as you find me,
Or don’t even waste my time.
I don’t give a damn what you think is “wrong with me”,
Because this isn’t your life– it’s mine.

If you’re good to me, I’ll be likewise,
If you respect me you’ll get in kind.
If you love me, you’ll be loved deeper than you’ve ever known,
by this wild and passionate heart of mine.

My heart is fiercely loyal,
It’s honest, selfless, and kind.
I’d give beyond everything I’ve ever had,
and all I ask you for is your love, your time.

But don’t ask me to wear a fake smile.
Don’t expect me to live a lie.
Because the “me” I am is the “me” that I always was,
The “me” I was born, the same “me” I’ll be till I die.

About avsongbird

I'm a housewife, an amateur writer and blogger, and the stepmother of three boys. I have four dogs. I love animals, I love to garden, and I love to crochet. I love movies, music, and books. I love to cook. I'm open-minded and creative and imaginative, and I'm an avid reader. I find inspiration in practically everything, and I love nothing more than to inspire such things in others, if I can.
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