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To hell with your age

I’ve never really understood society’s obsession with age. I just started my online blog back in May, and wanting to make sure I get my writing out there to as many potential readers as possible, I linked it with various … Continue reading

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please be nice guys, I’m shy about my singing voice, and wanted to post it before I talked myself out of it

http://avsongbird.tumblr.com/post/121232748898/ive-always-loved-music-and-ive-always-loved-to I hope you guys enjoy it. I recorded it on my cell phone standing in my hallway because it was the only quiet spot in my house. It’s always been one of my mother’s favorites and I really recorded … Continue reading

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Can I Borrow you for a Second

Can I borrow you for a second? Take your heart and make you feel? Can I open your eyes to a story, And convince you that it’s real? Though you may feel your heart is breaking, I promise I’m going … Continue reading

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Pertaining to my organizational skills as a writer (or lack thereof)

One of the hardest aspects of being a writer for me (besides continually chasing down the ever-elusive muse) is being organized about it. More often than not, I find myself working on six or seven different stories at a shot, … Continue reading

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