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The Runner- a poem by avsongbird

The Runner My heart races… My palms sweat. My heart pounds hard against my ribs As my feet come down hard over and over again. Paces counted, miles behind me. Blood pounding through my veins. There’s no thought here as … Continue reading

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I miss you- a love letter

I miss you- a love letter (This is from another love story I wrote a few years back. It’s still one of my favorites, and I often find myself going back to read the story all over again. I hope … Continue reading

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In Those Pages

In Those Pages By Jen K.– 2015 I’m there, in those pages, If you look hard enough. Can you find me there? Do you want to? When you pull back the cover on my notebook, When you click on that … Continue reading

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Let me Hunger

Let me hunger, Let me rage, Let my passion stain the page.   Let the fury crash Like lightning, Let it surge across the sky. Let me paint everything Of nothing. Let me flourish, Let me fly.    

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Story of a Life

Story of a life Too young memories of screaming, fighting, divorce, Hamburger helper dinners, just the three of us, enjoying the peace, the quiet. Caring mother, loving, devoted. Two years, just the three of us, military man, second chance. haunted … Continue reading

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Angels, Demons

Angels, Demons 6/5/2015 If you don’t appeal to my angels, You’ll awaken my demons, They await me in the night, in the dark. And if I’m not vigilant as the night grows colder They’ll drive their daggers deep into my … Continue reading

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Have you Ever

Have you ever had a memory.. that wasn’t real? Have you ever had a touch, that made you long to feel? Have you ever known a love, that brought a cry from your deepest soul, have you ever had another … Continue reading

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